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Sign Expo Orlando

AnaJet Wraps Up Success Trip to ISA Sign Expo Orlando

ISA Sign Expo Orlando

Regional Manager Eugene Lee demos the mPower i-series.

ISA Sign Expo Orlando turned out to be a great success for team AnaJet.  The Orange County Convention Center played wonderful host to the event which saw over 17,000 attendees.  The friendly networking environment lead to some great new contacts.  It also gave us an audience which was eager to learn about direct to garment technology in the INKJet Print Theater.

AnaJet Director of Marketing, Joe Longtin, and owner of DTG Ready Shirts and Creative Promotions, Inc, Chuck Northcutt, presented the learning experience entitled “How to Achieve 80% Profit Margins Using Direct to Garment Printers”.  The two presenters were asked a number of questions from an interested audience.

At the actual booth, Regional Managers Eugene Lee and Charles Burwell held down the AnaJet booth, alongside Trade Show Technician and Marketing Coordinator Deana Leelachat.  We were also visited by AnaJet customer and success story Sue Asplin who came to brag about getting her return on investment from her mPower i-series mP10i.

If you are interested in seeing the mPower or SPRINT in person, we encourage you to come to a trade show.  Email AnaJet to set up a free demonstration at one of our up coming trade shows.

Check out the t-shirt print we were showing off at ISA Sign Expo Orlando!


ISA Sign Expo Print

ISA Sign Expo Print

ISA Sign Expo

A lot of interested parties at ISA Sign Expo Orlando.

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Color Vibrancy

Check out the vibrancy of these mP5 prints!

One of our very successful customers shared a series of photos with us today to show off how intricate and vibrant the prints are with his mPower i-series mP5i direct to garment printer. John Callahan owns and operates International Quiksigns out of a retail storefront in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We did a write up about him back in January of this year and he sent in a video testimonial, which you can watch here. Now three months later, John again wanted to share his praises of the mPower again by sending us the following photos that he was particularly proud of.

Here are two great prints on white shirts printed by John:


color vibrancy

How about those blues…

Color Vibrancy

How’s that for color vibrancy!


And here they are on black:

Color Vibrancy

Blues on Black? Yup!

Color Vibrancy

dark shirt print with an mPower i-series mP5i

When choosing a direct to garment printer, or choosing setting on your existing printer, it’s important to consider speed versus print detail. Often it is hard to achieve color vibrancy when printing at a faster speed, but the mPower mP5 and mP10 have been through 10,000 hours of lab and beta testing to date to ensure that both models can print impressive graphics in seconds flat. And as John proves, the testing has paid off.

A big thank you to John for sharing his prints with us today, and we encourage all our AnaJet owners to share their favorite or interesting prints as well!

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Sign Expo Orlando

Teaching Money-Making Techniques at ISA Sign Expo 2014

AnaJet heads to Florida for ISA Sign Expo 2014 April 24th through the 26th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.  This trade show is billed as the most comprehensive event for the sign and visual communication industry.  Aside from the trade show, there is the ongoing opportunity to learn and network with several educational classes and presentations which AnaJet will be participating in as well.

On Thursday, April 24th at 10:30am, AnaJet is presenting this session in the new INKJet Print Theater (Booth 2945): “How to Achieve 80% Profit Margins Using Direct to Garment Printers”.  The session will be lead by AnaJet customer Chuck Northcutt of DTG Ready and Creative Promotions, alongside AnaJet’s Marketing Director Joe Longtin.

ISA Sign Expo 2014

Come see AnaJet in booth #353 for your next Big Idea!

If you’re still outsourcing shirts, bags, and other printed soft goods, then come to this presentation to learn how production-ready digital apparel printers will help your business maximize your expertise in inkjet printing and apply it to high-margin products.  With the right equipment, you can efficiently product digitally printed shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags without outsourcing to screen printers or other shops.

So make sure you stop by the INKJet Print Theater at Booth 2945 to learn more about how you can maximize your profits with direct to garment printing technology.  If you can’t make it to the education session, we encourage you to come to our trade show booth in the South Building of the Orange County Convention Center, Booth #353.  Or set up a personalized free demonstration with one of our Regional Managers by emailing us!  We will walk you through the print process with our top of the line printer, the mPower i-series and answer any questions you might have.

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Insiders look

Insiders Look into the mPower i-series

insiders lookEarly in April we held our monthly product webinar, “Introducing the mPower i-series”, which was presented by AnaJet’s Regional Manager Chuck Burwell.  The goal of this webinar is to show people just what our top of the line printer can do for you and your business.

AnaJet has made countless advances in direct to garment printer technology to bring the best possible product on the market.  We stand behind our printers with lifetime tech support and training, plus some of the best customer support in the business.  The benefits of working with AnaJet as your direct to garment solution are endless and we pride ourselves on helping our customers be as successful as possible.

The mPower i-series direct to garment printer is the best digital garment printer in the industry.  This printer can revolutionize your garment decorating business or help to establish a start-up in an ever growing market.

We also understand that not everyone is able to attend the live webinars we offer and although that means you miss out on the opportunity to ask the specific questions you might have, we make sure to offer up the information covered in a recorded video and downloadable document that you can use as an online learning tool.

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Shanghai International

Success at Shanghai International Printing Industry Expo

AnaJet is taking the world by storm!  Earlier in April, AnaJet’s Chinese distributor Beijing AsiaLink took to the floor at Shanghai International Printing Industry Expo.  This trade show is very large with attendees and vendors from all over Asia.  The event caters to large format printers, screen printers, and of course direct to garment printers.

Shanghai International

Always a crowd around our AnaJet Printers

Several of AnaJet’s competitors were in attendance at Shanghai International Printing Industry Expo, but it was AnaJet’s direct to garment printers that were getting all the attention.  It helped that Beijing AsiaLink’s booth was near the front entrance, but that wasn’t the only reason that our Asia distributor was printing around the clock on two machines.  People were fascinated by the direct to garment technology that AnaJet printers offer.  The speed and color capabilities blew away those who crowded around for demonstrations.  Both our mP5i and our mP10i were printing t-shirt samples during the entire show.

AnaJet offers a full list of shows for our Chinese distributor which you can find at our Trade Show page on the AnaJet website.  For more information on the AnaJet mPower i-series direct to garment printer, click here or call us at (877)626-2538.

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Wearables Magazine

Keys to Success in Latest Edition of Wearables Magazine

In this month’s edition of Wearables, a magazine published by the good people at ASI Central, our Director of Marketing, Joe Longtin, was called upon to give his expertise in the field of direct to garment printing for business.  In an article entitled “The Blind Spot,” several readers turned to Wearables for help with delivering business-generating ideas, and Wearables connected the readers with industry experts to provide solutions.

Joe was called in to provide a solution for Parker Morgan, sales manager for Morgan Printers , a family owned and operated printing company from Greenville, NC. Parker was looking to establish consistent pricing while increasing his direct to garment sales.  Even though Parker doesn’t own an AnaJet brand printer, there are still straight forward business tips that Joe offered up to help out the Greenville printing shop.  Without giving away the entire article, Joe suggested the creation of a set price list that Parker could publish publicly.  Joe also suggested that Morgan Printers sample aggressively, laying out a specific plan of attack for Parker to implement.

We encourage you to pick up the latest edition of Wearables or read the digital version online here (article on pg. 50-54).

Wearables Article

Read the article in the April edition of Wearables Magazine, pg. 50-54.

Our Director of Marketing also took part in an educational webinar with ASI entitled “10 Low Cost Ways to Grow Your Garment Decoration Business” which you can read more about on our blog and even view a recorded version of the webinar online! We believe in educating our customers on the best practices with direct to garment technology because their success directly links back to our success as a company.

For more Tips and Tricks from AnaJet, click here to read more stories from our blog that can surely open doors for you and your business. Alternatively, contact us via email with any questions you might have and we’ll do our best to help advise.


UPDATE. Here is a PowerPoint presentation (download the PDF) that I prepared for the consultation.

The recommendations are detailed. Parker’s concerns are the same as for a lot of commercial printers, sign shops and other businesses whose primary business is not garment decoration: how do we get the most utilization out of this equipment and NOT leave money on the table? What constitutes a profitable business model?

They also struggle with another common challenge: dedicating time to growing the digital product line without changing anything else they are doing.

When it comes to growing any business or product line, you generally only get back what you put into it. Your customers will not automatically know you have a new offering so you have to actively market it. Sometimes this happens through word of mouth, but more often, it calls for making the product or service highly visible in your shop, putting out flyers, offering promotions, using social media and email, even calling the customer database to offer free samples. All of this is feasible and quite scalable once you begin. And done properly, this effort pays off. 

–Joe Longtin

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